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Blackboard Scripts & Resources   28 June 2005


How To Create A Blackboard Test Environment   23 June 2005


Rule-Based Blackboard Management   22 June 2005


The Next Generation of E-learning: Strategies for Media Rich On-line Teaching and Engaged Learning   23 January 2005


eUreka - Managing projects in edveNTUre……… the seamless way   23 January 2005


Get Building ! Announcing the launch of a new Building Block Discussion Forum   22 January 2005


Implementation of the Blackboard Content System at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology   10 October 2004


Supporting Mission Critical eLearning Services   02 July 2004


Towards a Successful Rollover in Blackboard   30 June 2004

Rollover is the transition between academic sessions - the creation of new courses, the copying of old courses, the enrolling of students into next year's modules... In essence, it should be a relatively straightforward process, and for those of us with the integration features of Enterprise it ought to be a breeze...

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Upgrading Version 6   23 April 2004

To briefly revisit the technical specifications to our particular implementation of Blackboard, we installed the Enterprise Edition of the Blackboard Learning System 5.6 running under the Microsoft Advanced Server Operating System, with an SQL Server 2000 back-end database. We fully integrated and automated our data imports using the Blackboard snapshot process...

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Bb Administrator System Housekeeping: one administrator’s observations of Bb sites in daily use...   23 April 2004

One of the ‘unwritten duties’ of the Bb Administrator is keeping an eye on course sites and ensuring that there are no slip-ups, rogue sites, unwanted duplicate sites, abandoned sites etc.etc. On Bb installations with many hundreds of courses, instances of these anomalies can appear on even the most rigourously administered systems...

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Back up and Recovery of the Blackboard Learning System : A Scary Experience   22 February 2004

To get the Technical Matters section started, I have written the first of a series of articles which reflect some of the issues that I expect most Blackboard users have had to, or will have to, address. These have had a significant impact on our learners and staff during the implementation and rollout of Blackboard. The first is about a...

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