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Getting maximum leverage from your investment in the Blackboard Academic Suite…some food for thought.   07 July 2006


Perseverance: The Key to Success   27 June 2005


Getting Real with Community College Students   26 June 2005


Institutional Planning for Student Success at Sinclair Community College   23 January 2005


Bbionic Course Competition Rubric   19 January 2005


Becoming a Catalyst for Community: Blackboard's Community of Practice Initiative   19 January 2005


Institutional Leaders – This is Your Wake Up Call   19 January 2005


5 th Annual Durham Blackboard Conference, ‘Interactive Blackboards’   18 January 2005


The Blackboard UK Community – reflections on the road travelled   09 October 2004


Developing an effective and efficient e-learning environment – an FE-HE partnership   09 October 2004


ALT - the Association for Learning Technology   05 July 2004

ALT is the leading UK body bringing together practitioners, researchers, and policy makers in learning technology...

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The Joint Information Services Committee (JISC) – A UK Success Story   29 June 2004

In many ways the JISC is a real UK success story in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Its remit is to support the innovative use of ICT in further and higher education (and more recently the Adult and Community Learning sector)...

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Interview with a College Principal   23 April 2004

City of Sunderland College became a Blackboard user in December 2000. In this interview Ian Todd, Principal of the College, discusses some of the strategic considerations of implementing a VLE...

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ILT: Inspection and Blackboard   23 April 2004

Middlesbrough College were inspected in November 2003 and the report was published in March 2004. In November 2003 the college was just getting into its stride with its first year on Blackboard. We had about 350 active courses, a large Learning Resources 'course site' and a Student Services 'course site'.

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Benchmarking Blackboard– From Champions To Transformers   23 April 2004

‘Champions’, ‘pioneers’ .. the words convey something of the frontier spirit that has symbolised the growth of eLearning. In the UK the government’s ‘Information and Learning Technology (ILT) champions ’initiative proved very successful in raising the awareness of the role that ICT could play in teaching and learning...

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Introduction to Success Matters   22 February 2004

The purpose of this section is to showcase examples of good practice within the Blackboard FE community. Content in this section will focus on...

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