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Using Blackboard Assessment Tools for Blended or Face-to-Face Courses   28 July 2006


Managing group work with Blackboard   23 June 2005


The use of advanced organisers to aid learning in Blackboard Course sites   22 June 2005


The JISC Plagiarism Blackboard Building Block: 7 out of 10, room for improvement   22 June 2005


Personalised Learning: A time to re-think how Blackboard is used?   22 January 2005


Virtually Effective: The Measure of a Learning Environment   06 October 2004

This paper examines the preliminary findings of a recent user survey of the staff use of Blackboard in University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. Amongst the key aims of the survey was ...

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Want to be a human rights electronic activist   05 October 2004


eLearning - One Year On   04 October 2004


Using Blackboard statistics as part of your annual self-assessment review   03 October 2004


Next Year’s Scheme of Work.   06 July 2004


Instructors Perceptions of Blackboard Impact on Teaching and Learning   05 July 2004


Online Content – Where do I start?   30 June 2004


Different Pedagogical Uses of Blackboard with Different Learner Groups   30 June 2004


Blackboard and the National Learning Network Materials   23 April 2004

With the National Learning Network (NLN) materials now available to Further Education Colleges, Specialist Colleges and Adult and Community Learning, identifying suitable content for Blackboard should now be much more straight-forward. We have approximately 600 hours of interactive, engaging learning material covering 21 subject areas from which to draw learning material, including some generic material that can be used in a variety of contexts.

However, for most of us that isn’t the end of the story…

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Learning Styles   23 April 2004

A major study of learning styles and their implications for pedagogy is currently being led by Professor Frank Coffield and his team at Newcastle University. Commenting on the findings of the research to date Coffield writes...

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Supporting part-time students using the Communication Tools in Blackboard - Discussion Boards and Email   23 April 2004

Students on Built Environment programmes are supported using blended learning techniques at Belfast Institute. Those supported include students on programmes such as HNC and NC Estate Management, HNC Building and HNC and NC Town Planning. They attend the Institute one day per week based on a traditional “day release” structure but the students on these courses are, for a large part, however geographically dispersed across Northern Ireland and often tend to be out on site during their working week. This can make telephone contact outside college time with a tutor difficult...

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Using Blackboard for Assessment   22 February 2004

In many ways, the questions that you need to ask yourself about on-line assessment are no different than those you ask about more traditional forms. Perhaps the only differences are that, with the on-line assessment tools provided with Blackboard, these questions become more conscious and some of them have to be faced before the assessment is taken rather than afterwards. I’ll explain what I mean by...

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