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Contribute to eLearning Matters

eLearning Matters (ELM) has been created to share good practice in the field of eLearning. Please join us in pooling and sharing your experience and resources. This will enable us all to continue to develop our understanding of the power of eLearning  tools  and how best to deploy them in delivering e-learning across the entire curriculum range.
Go to About ELM to see the types of contributions we will be publishing under the themes:

  • Accessibility Matters
  • Conference Matters
  • Curriculum Matters
  • International Matters
  • Resources
  • Staff Development Matters
  • Student Matters
  • Strategy Matters
  • Support Matters
  • Technical Matters

Article Content Criteria

Content submitted to ELM should:

  • Offer insight into the use of eLearning tools
  • Promote and facilitate eLearning
  • Include full references or acknowledgements to quotations where used
  • Not include any defamatory comments

Article Length

We prefer articles to be concise and accessible in order to maintain a clear and user-friendly web format. We welcome contributions up to a maximum of 1000 words and encourage the use of images and appropriate links.


We will notify you once your article has been edited and give you an opportunity to check it online before release.

Article Format

Submit your work as a word-processed file, preferably using Arial size 10 font. Avoid using any formatting such as bold, italic or underlines and submit any electronic images separately from the text, and preferably in a GIF or JPEG format.
Where links are included please check that you give the full URL.

Please complete all of the sections below to submit your contribution to ELM. We will send you acknowledgement of receipt and forward your article to the appropriate ELM section for consideration.

Any additional files could be sent to

Article Title:*

Brief Description: *
max 30 words



Your article: *

Link to your Institution's VLE site: (with guest account if appropriate)

Author's Name:*


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Job Title: *


I confirm that this article is my own work and conforms to eLearning Mmatters Content Criteria*


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