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Next Year’s Scheme of Work.   06 July 2004


ALT - the Association for Learning Technology   05 July 2004

ALT is the leading UK body bringing together practitioners, researchers, and policy makers in learning technology...

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Impatica & Blackboard   05 July 2004

Over 30% of BlackBoard customers in the UK already use Impatica products - here's why ...

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Upgrading to Blackboard v6   05 July 2004

As part of the planning process for upgrading from Blackboard v5 to v6 a mind map (created in Mind Manager 2002) was developed in an attempt to identify the issues that would need to be considered...

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EdveNTUre Activity Cycle for Professors, Tutors and Supporting   05 July 2004


Students' Perceptions of Blackboard's Impact on Learning   05 July 2004


Rollover Process   05 July 2004

An example of how the issues of rollover are addressed is given by the University of Southampton...

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Instructors Perceptions of Blackboard Impact on Teaching and Learning   05 July 2004


NTU Viewlets   04 July 2004

Here you will find a gallery of 43 movie tutorials for Blackboard 6.1 (of which 10 viewlets were created by Blackboard learning services). Permission had earlier been sought from Behind the Blackboard for use in NTU. The other 33 movies are created by CED...

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Supporting Mission Critical eLearning Services   02 July 2004


Creating Onscreen Text that is Readable and Accessible.   01 July 2004


Guidelines for producing Readable, Accessible Onscreen Text   01 July 2004

Some brief guidelines about creating readable, accessible electronic text are given below, but much more information about eBooks and electronic text can be found at...

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Online Content – Where do I start?   30 June 2004


Different Pedagogical Uses of Blackboard with Different Learner Groups   30 June 2004


Towards a Successful Rollover in Blackboard   30 June 2004

Rollover is the transition between academic sessions - the creation of new courses, the copying of old courses, the enrolling of students into next year's modules... In essence, it should be a relatively straightforward process, and for those of us with the integration features of Enterprise it ought to be a breeze...

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Staff Development and Blackboard   29 June 2004


Activities - Using MS Word to Create Learning Resources   29 June 2004

A series of handouts produced by Bruce Ingraham of Teesside University which can be used for individual reference or within workshops:-
•Using styles to format your work
•Using Word to prepare documents for online dissemination
•Using Word to generate PowerPoint slides...

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Activities - Using Powerpoint to Create Learning Resources   29 June 2004

A series of handouts produced by Bruce Ingraham of Teesside University which can be used for individual reference or within workshops:-
•Issues for Discussion
• Exchanging Information between Word and PowerPoint
• Creating Over Head Transparencies (OHTs) and Handouts with PowerPoint
•Preparing PowerPoint Presentations for electronic dissemination...

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Helpful Websites to Raise Awareness of Disability Issues   29 June 2004


The Joint Information Services Committee (JISC) – A UK Success Story   29 June 2004

In many ways the JISC is a real UK success story in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Its remit is to support the innovative use of ICT in further and higher education (and more recently the Adult and Community Learning sector)...

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Communicating with Students   29 June 2004

Tip Sheets created by the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Georgian College, Canada...

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