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Fonts for all   22 February 2004

There has been some interesting research on the use of specific fonts for ease of reading. The research suggests that fonts which are ‘Sans Serif’ are easier for most people to read, especially when there is a lot of text. This is particularly...

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Doing what comes naturally…   22 February 2004

Most people who work in further education have been used to making reasonable adjustments to encourage a wide variety of students to attend and achieve their educational goal. The Special Educational Needs and Disability Act (2002), or SENDA, offers us...

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Introduction to Success Matters   22 February 2004

The purpose of this section is to showcase examples of good practice within the Blackboard FE community. Content in this section will focus on...

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Staff Development for Blackboard – Underpinning Quality   22 February 2004

Preparing staff to use Blackboard to facilitate learning should not be approached any less rigorously than preparing them to develop their instructional skills to teach generally. We have a responsibility not only to...

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Back up and Recovery of the Blackboard Learning System : A Scary Experience   22 February 2004

To get the Technical Matters section started, I have written the first of a series of articles which reflect some of the issues that I expect most Blackboard users have had to, or will have to, address. These have had a significant impact on our learners and staff during the implementation and rollout of Blackboard. The first is about a...

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Using Blackboard for Assessment   22 February 2004

In many ways, the questions that you need to ask yourself about on-line assessment are no different than those you ask about more traditional forms. Perhaps the only differences are that, with the on-line assessment tools provided with Blackboard, these questions become more conscious and some of them have to be faced before the assessment is taken rather than afterwards. I’ll explain what I mean by...

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