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ALT - the Association for Learning Technology

ALT is the leading UK body bringing together practitioners, researchers, and policy makers in learning technology.

ALT aims:

  • to promote good practice in the use of learning technologies in education and industry;
  • to represent our membership in areas of policy;
  • to facilitate collaboration between practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers.

ALTís membership includes the majority of the UKís universities and a significant number of further education colleges. It also has a growing corporate membership including the Department for Education and Skills and Ufi Ltd, sector-bodies such as Becta and LSC, international organisations like SURF, as well as large and small software, hardware, telecommunications, and e-learning businesses.

ALT produces a range of publications, including newsletters, journals and books. Its publications include:-

  • The Changing Face of Learning Technology
  • An introduction to learning technology within tertiary education in the UK
  • LTSN Generic Centre Starter Guides
  • ALT-N (quarterly newsletter)
  • ALT-J (tri-annual journal) an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to research and good practice in the use of learning technologies within tertiary education
  • a fortnightly members' email digest
  • publications aimed at practitioners, sometimes produced in conjunction with other organisations

ALT organises a range of events:-

  • ALT-C, which is the UK's main academic conference for learning technologists . ALT-C 2004 *will be taking place in Exeter, 14-16 September 2004;
  • occasional conferences on topics of interest to learning-technology practitioners, as well as occasional free events such as focus groups and regional meetings;
  • visits and exchanges, for example ALT members took part in an exchange to visit colleges and universities in the Netherlands, 7-11 April 2003, with support from SURF Educatief (roughly the Dutch equivalent of JISC);
  • regular workshops, for example on evaluation, peer-to-peer software, accessibility, and learning object design;
  • an annual Policy Meeting - our last Policy Meeting on 8 July 2003 saw the Secretary of State for Education and Skills launch the DfES's e-learning strategy consultation, and our 2004 Policy Meeting, which will focus on learning technology research, will take place at HP Labs in Bristol, in July 2004.

Membership of ALT is open to individuals as well as institutions. To find out more visit

Author: Cathy Ellis

05 July 2004

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