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Learning Styles

Learning Styles

A major study of learning styles and their implications for pedagogy is currently being led by Professor Frank Coffield and his team at Newcastle University. Commenting on the findings of the research to date Coffield writes:-

‘Learning styles can provide learners with a much needed ‘lexicon of learning’ – a language with which to discuss their own learning preferences and those of others, how people learn or fail to learn, how tutors can facilitate or hinder these processes and the strengths and weaknesses of relevant theoretical models.’
LSDA Briefing, March 2004

In designing a Blackboard course it is essential that instructors keep in mind different learning styles and include differentiated content and activities to engage all learners. The questionnaires included in this section will hopefully provide some pedagogic pointers to instructors in developing course content.
Learning Styles - The key to personalised e-learning?(pdf)
Peter Honey
Peter Honey discusses the results of a survey he has conducted about eLearning, in particular the things that people like and dislike about eLearning.

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire(html)
Richard M. Felder & Barbara A. Soloman
This questionnaire has 44 questions which, at first sight, may seem daunting. However, it’s worth persisting as you will receive a detailed description and explanation of your profile.

VARK a Guide to Learning Styles(html)
Neil Fleming
What I like about VARK is that it is a short questionnaire (13 questions) and has the option to be taken in 12 languages. Language teachers may even find it a helpful language activity to be used with their students.

Is Online Learning For Me?(html)

A good orientation resource for online learning. Not only does it consider the question of aptitude for online learning but it also includes a Computer Skills Assessment and other useful tools.

What's Your Learning Style?(html)
University of South Dakota
Another short questionnaire which identifies three different learning styles (Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic) and gives a succinct explanation of each one.

Author: Cathy Ellis

23 April 2004

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