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The Power of eLearning


The Power of eLearning
The Essential Guide for Teaching in the Digital Age

By Dr. Shirley Waterhouse
Allyn & Bacon Publishers, 2005
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This is must have book for anyone interested in online learning. Written by Dr. Shirley Waterhouse, Director of Educational Technology at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University ( a Blackboard user of many years) The Power of eLearning covers an impressive range topics with clarity and insight organised in three sections:-

Part One - Pedagogy and Planning;
Part Two -Tools and Resources;
Part Three - Coursesite Management

Here is just a sample of the subjects covered:-

  • ELearning Fundamentals
  • ELearning Pedagogy
  • The ELearning Planning Process
  • Elearning Planning Model
  • Communication – distributing information electronically
  • Coursesite design and maintenance
  • Coursesite Access for Students with Disabilities
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Course Policies
  • Assessing Student Performance
  • Assessing Course and Coursesite Effectiveness
  • Assessing ELearning Versus Traditional Learning

This is book you can dip into or read from cover to cover. Don’t just take my word for it but check out the reviews of Dr. Phyllis Self, Vice Provost for Academic Technology Virginia Commonwealth University; Dr. Demetra Katsifli, Head of Academic ICT Services Kingston University UK and Ms. Sheryl R. Abshire, Administrative Coordinator of Technology Calcasieu Parish Public Schools.


Review by Dr. Phyllis Self

Concise, clear and comprehensive are three words to describe this text. I plan to incorporate this text in our faculty development program for university faculty as soon as it published. It definitely will meet the needs we have of working with the majority of faculty who have not engaged in elearning but are being pushed to do so by our incoming tech savvy students. The audience for this text goes well beyond K-12 teachers and addresses many of the concerns in higher education.

The text begins with the most important component in elearning, i.e. Pedagogy. Most elearning texts today devote little effort to this vital teaching/learning component. This text discuss this component at the beginning and throughout the remainder of the text through its illustrations, examples, and charts. The authors provide an excellent discussion and rationale for file format compatibility and the need for standardization of software to be able to successfully deploy an elearing course.

Overall the authors have struck a perfect balance of addressing the needs of the instructor and the needs of the students when designing and implementing elearning! This is a must read for anyone contemplating developing an elearning course.


Review by Dr. Demetra Katsifli

An insightful and inspiring guide on using a CMS for e-learning across the board, both in the practical sense of the technology, as well as the numerous examples of best practices to improve the learning and teaching experience.

An absolute must-have for teachers/lecturers/instructors who are (relatively) new to e-learning, but also very useful for experienced deliverers of e-learning, because this is a most comprehensive look into providing and evaluating e-learning.

It would also benefit senior managers of educational establishments as they too need to understand how e-learning can support their mission. I would recommend this book to everyone in my University.

I was fascinated by the level of detail given in the book – it left me breathless at times!


Review by Ms Sheryl R. Abshire

Dr. Waterhouse shares a perspective on elearning that provides both novice and experienced online instructors with insight into exactly what are the essential conditions that must be contemplated before embarking on an elearning journey.

If you purchase this book for nothing other than the end of chapter URLs and references …your money will be well spent, but don’t be surprised when you get a treasure trove of extremely practical information about how to become a first class elearning instructor.

Author: Cathy Ellis

28 June 2005

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