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eUreka - Managing projects in edveNTUre……… the seamless way

eUreka , NTU’s very own online project work management system was made available for use by staff and students on 21 September 2004. This project work management system is an extension and a service of edveNTUre, Nanyang Technological University’s learning management system for online teaching and learning. The system is integrated seamlessly into the Blackboard learning management system and it is put as a permanent module in the edveNTUre Welcome page on login by the user.

eUreka (meaning ‘I found it!’) is aptly named to depict the NTU’s adventurous spirit in taking on challenges and making discoveries. eUreka provides tools for project work management and planning to supplement the face-to-face contact between students (under-graduates and post-graduates) and their project supervisors. The students and staff can also create their very own ad-hoc projects to better manage and monitor the work flow process for documentation and reflections on their learning experiences.

It allows an individual or project teams to systematically document and monitor their work flow progress and activities for the duration of the project. Students can also share resources, document their contributions and archive their project reports. In addition, project supervisors can use the system to manage multiple Final Year Projects (FYPs), post-graduate projects and other projects, assess and grade projects, as well as provide timely feedback to their students. As an online tool, staff could use it to supervise students who might be working off-campus or on overseas attachment.

The features and functionalities in the system include:-
1. Key Project Information

  • Updates and News via Announcements
  • Key Milestones and Timelines, incorporating Activities and Tasks.
  • Gantt Charts for graphical representation of the work flow progress in the project
  • Repository for useful and relevant project documents to be organized, archived and shared
  • Online Discussion Forums for sharing and discussion of key issues revolving the project
  • Contact details provided in the Membership listing for the respective projects
  • Weblog / Blog serves as an online project log-book in which the project members could document learning journeys, approaches, difficulties, observations and new knowledge
  • Rubrics creation tool available for Project Supervisors to create Assessment for online evaluation of the project progress

To the students, eUreka provides a tool for project management and it supplements the face-to-face contact between the students and their respective Project Supervisors. To the Project Supervisors, they could manage multiple projects, grade the projects and provide timely feedback to enhance the learning process for the students. The online tool will provide the supervisors the scope to supervise their students in a more collaborative way and be more in touch with the progress of their students’ projects.

Author: Dr Daniel Tiong Hok Tan

23 January 2005

VLE: Blackboard



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